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Donations will go towards funding programmes for youth and continued maintenance of the skatepark. We appreciate donations of any amount!

Freedom Skatepark

Freedom Skatepark, the first street skatepark Jamaica, is located in Bull Bay adjacent to the Bull Bay Football Club, approximately 8 miles outside of Kingston. The public skatepark is free and accessible to the whole community of Kingston and the wider country as well.

The Freedom Skatepark project was inspired by the untimely and calamitous death of Andre ‘Wildfiyah’ Thompson, a 20-year old Jamaican skateboarder who was murdered in 2009. Just a few days before his death Andre he was featured in the mini-documentary JA SKATE which was produced by LargeUp and depicted the skateboarding scene in Jamaica at that time. 

Andre ‘Wildfiyah’ Thompson

Andre expressed his wish for a skatepark to be available to the youth in Jamaica. Following his death Andre’s mother Lorraine Jones took up her son’s wish as a personal mission. Today, more than a decade later, she sits on the Freedom Skatepark Committee and has finally seen the project realized. The skatepark is dedicated in his honor.

Tackling Violence with Education and Skateboarding

Freedom Skatepark has implemented Concrete Jungle’s Edu-Skate Programmewhich has already been implemented in Peru and Angola. CJF uses skateboarding as a means to advocate for personal development and community development. Concrete Jungle also provides the opportunity to develop vocational skills by providing employment opportunities at the Freedom Skatepark in the areas of teaching, park management, media management and graphic design.


Launching the CJF Edu-Skate program in Jamaica with Tim van Asdonck

Freedom Skatepark: A Jamaican Skating Paradise

Freedom Skate Park To Add Spark To Bull Bay

Opening Hours:

Everyday 1pm-7pm


Your donations will go towards the long term maintenance of the park and ensuring the children have continued access to the programmes we provide. Thank you for your support!

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